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How It Works

Quicktions is built to help you out with your quick questions

Often, when you have multiple choices and a confused mind you wish there was someone to help you decide, Quicktions is just that!

  1. Download Quicktions from Google Play Store
  2. Post your question along with the choices between which you are confused
  3. Quicktions will ping 10 random users asking them to help you out
  4. See their opinion in real time! within 5 minutes
  • You can also help by answering other Quicktions when you get a notification
  • We make sure you don't get annoyed with notifications all the time :)

Here are some questions Quicktions is made for

  • I'm out shopping, confused between these shirts, help me choose?
  • Which of these movies do you recommend watching now?
  • Which of these dresses should I wear for party tonight?
  • I'm bored! what should I do? [ read a book | play guitar | watch a movie ]
  • Which of these 4 pictures suit better for my linked in profile?
  • What do I gift my girlfriend on her birthday?
  • Which of these 3 of my arts should I put in the upcoming competition?
... and anything you feel like!