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About Quicktions

How Quicktions happened

Just 2 weeks back we were only looking forward to participate in Gopher Gala 2015, a worldwide Go language hackathon. We decided to build this, a simple way to get answers to our quick questions in real time. We started preparing for the competition and we did build 'something that works' in those 48 hours of competition.

The output of those 48 hours work inspired us to make it bigger. We started building upon what we had created, knowingly that this will simply disqualify us from the competition but we continued in the same enthusiasm anyway.

So, here's Quicktions, out for people to use and get their quick questions answered in real time, by real people :)

And yes, we are still working days and nights to make it better!


Feel free to contact us at for any questions, feedback or even to just say Hi!